Hot Museum Summer

By Montana Coward

This summer I had the chance to intern for the National Guard Memorial Museum. Currently, I am a graduate student at George Washington in the Museum Studies Master’s program with a concentration in collections management. Previously, I received my undergraduate degree at Christopher Newport University where I majored in History and minored in Museum Studies and Business Administration. After grad school, I want to work at a history museum in the collections department.

As my internship comes to an end, I sat down and reflected on the experience…

Montana with her Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Exhibit

So, why museums?

I decided that I wanted to work in a museum when I was a junior in high school. I am drawn to museums because they house many fascinating objects that tell stories about the past. Additionally, museums can also provide insight into how the world works today and inspire changes for the future.

Why the National Guard Memorial Museum?

I wanted to intern at the National Guard Memorial Museum because military history has always been of interest to me. The National Guard Memorial Museum gave me the opportunity to work with a unique collection of objects in an area that I enjoy.

What have I done while at the Museum?

While at the National Guard Memorial Museum I curated a temporary exhibit about the creation of four units’ Shoulder Sleeve Insignias (SSI) and their meanings. The patches in the exhibit represent both Army and Air National Guard units. Visit the National Guard Memorial Museum to see my exhibit and learn more about the Guard’s role throughout American history!

The Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Exhibit