Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

The National Guard Educational Foundation is delighted to offer internship opportunities in both the museum and the library/archives. Associated with the local university and high school systems, the internship program affords students with opportunities to gain credit hours toward advanced degrees, community service time and practical experience for all concerned. The internship schedules adhere to the academic year.

For more information, please contact the Deputy Director, Anne C. Armstrong at 202-408-5890 or via e-mail at  The application includes a cover letter, resume, and contact information.

We accept internship applications one month before the beginning of each semester of the US academic calendar (December, April, and August.)  Please send a cover letter with a statement of intentions and a resume.  Be sure to tell us how to reach you!

Although we encourage students at any stage to apply, the majority of the work requires college level or higher. 

Museum Internships

The National Guard Memorial Museum hosts a Museum Studies internship for students interested in assisting with accessioning, displaying and preserving materials relevant to the long history of the National Guard. The museum’s collection consists of books, uniforms, musical instruments, awards & decorations, period weaponry, almanacs, photographs, prints, collections of personal papers and documents from nearly 400 years of American history.  Of particular interest is collection management using the industry standard, PastPerfect.  Interns will also give tours to individuals, families and Guard-affiliated groups.

All interested applicants are welcome, and those with knowledge of American colonial and military history are highly encouraged to apply.

Archives/Library Internships

The National Guard Memorial Library and Archives offers a composite internship for students interested in identifying, cataloging and preserving printed materials relevant to the history of the National Guard. The library’s collection consists of books, periodicals, almanacs, personal papers and documents.  The Archives focus on the history of the parent organization, The National Guard Association of the United States and covers its history from 1878 to the early 2000s.  Specific duties include cataloguing, shelving, organizing and conserving items in the Library and Archive.  Particular emphasis is placed on posting web-based finding aides and indices.  Another area of interest is cutting edge storage methodology and collection planning.

All interested applicants are welcome.


Museum, Library and Archive Volunteers

The duties and responsibilities of the Volunteers reflect the Internship program. With full and due regard to the nature of volunteerism, the Museum, Library, and Archive welcome all applicants for service.  Please join us in the NGEF mission!