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Are you looking for some historical information about the National Guard? Our research library contains thousands of publications, including state Adjutant General Reports, unit histories and historical titles covering military and National Guard history. We encourage you to fill out this form if you have a specific research request for us. We will respond to you as soon as we can. Please check our website for future updates regarding our archival finding aid. 

Here are a few considerations when submitting a research request: 

Please note that we do not house military service records here. If you are looking for information about a family member or another individual who served in the National Guard, please contact the National Archives and Records Administration. Depending on the time period of military service and state/territory/district, your local state archives or historical society may also contain records of interest. 

Please note we do NOT maintain inventories of armories in current use. We only have select histories of certain armories. For inquiries, contact the National Guard Bureau. 

Due to a small staff, not every research request can be resolved by email. Research requests which are too broad in nature may not be processed. For the best assistance, please include as much information as possible with your email.

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