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These are unusual times, but we’ve been here before: read about the National Guard’s response during the 1918 Spanish Influenza. 

42nd Infantry Division, National Guard, Camp Upton, Long Island, NY, October 1918, 404 died, 6000 took ill. (Photo courtesy

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Introducing Minuteman Minutes: An NGEF Video Series Production 

At the National Guard Memorial Museum, our artifacts tell the stories of America’s citizen-soldiers. Museum Director Anne Armstrong shares some of these artifacts in this upcoming video series. View our most recent episode here, and stay tuned for new episodes!









Artifact of the Week

Training Rifle

This training rifle is a plastic replica of an M4 Carbine rifle. The training rifle is actually heavier than the real rifle, which weighs slightly over six pounds. Real M4 Carbines have a RPM of 950, while this training rifle, being solid plastic, has a RPM of 0.


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