Bridges, Leon

State: AK

Units: Oregon, 1/186th InfantryWashington, 3/161 Infantry (Mech)Alaska, 207th Infantry Group, 5th Battalion, 1st Battalion, STARC, 207th Group


Years Of Service: 24

Promoted to Colonel in February 2006. Deployed on Iraq Tour April 2007-April 2008 as Deputy Team Leader of Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team Baghdad Five. Based at Taji, embedded with two brigades, 1/1 CAV and 2/25 Strykers. Awarded Bronze Star for Service. Responsible for developing and training three District (Qada) Councils, formation and development of the Provincial Council’s Rural Services Committee and implementation of over 300 local and district reconstruction projects, from schools to government offices to electrical and water infrastructure. Now serving as G4/Director of Logistics for the Alaska Army National Guard.