Hershey, Brett

State: IN

Units: HHC, 77th Separate Infantry BrigadeJoint operation cell for Task Force Phoenix Afganistan


Years Of Service: 6

Specialist Brett Hershey was an outitariding young soldier and man. SPC Herthey was an integal part of the running of the Joint Operation Cell here at Task Force Phoenix, He was always readyto lend ahelping hand at work, even when he was off duty. His fellow soldiers knew they could count on him for support. SPC Hershey was an outstanding role model for his peers and was a strong Christian who was always ready to lend a sympathetic ear for a friend in need, His strong ethical beliefs made him an outstanding mentor to his fellow soldiers. SPC Hershey was a full-time student at Indiana University back home and was planning to many his fiance as soon as the deployment ended, In the brief time SPC Hershey was in the brigade he touched may lives arid will be long rernembered by everyone he worked with.