Pendleton, Robert

State: MS

Units: 172 MAG


Years Of Service:

26 Sep 61. Enlisted in MS ANG and assigned to the 183rd Aero-medical Transport Squadron (M) (MATS), Hawkins Field, Jackson, MS. Worked in aircraft maintenance.

20 May 67. Received commission and assigned as a supply officer in the 172nd Combat Support Squadron.

1974. Transferred to and commanded the 172nd Weapon Systems Security Flight. Responsible for air base security, ground defense and base law enforcement for Thompson Field, Rankin Co., MS.

Transferred to Special Projects officer of 172 MAG and developed a system for enhanced officer retention through the improved use of education, age and various time requirements.

Assigned as Base Training and Education Officer of 172nd Mission Support Squadron (MAC). Was responsible for the unit’s ancillary training, miliary and civilian education programs and weapon qualification.

10/21/88 retired from 172nd MAG, 0-6.