Schnell, Roger

State: AK

Units: HQ, AK ARNG, 207 Inf Grp SCT


Years Of Service:

Roger Schnell joined the AK ARNG in 1954. In 59, he attended OCS at Ft. Benning, GA. After commissioning he served as a Med. Truck Co. Commander for 4 years.He later served in numerous BN Staff positions. In 70, he served in the G-Staff positions at the State HQS. In 1975, Roger was promoted to COL. and served as Chief of Staff for 13 years. He also served as Commander of the 207th Inf Bde. In the mid-80’s he served in various Joint Staff Positions and retired in Jan 92 after serving as the SPMO for 4 years.  After retiring from the Alaska National Guard, COL Schnell was hired by the State of Alaska in 1992 as the Senior Personnel Manager in Juneau, involved in writing personnel policy and personnel management for 13,000 employees in 15 State Departments.  In 1993, he was promoted and appointed as Assistant Commissioner with the Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs (DMVA) in Anchorage, AK (Ft. Richardson).  In 1995, he was again promoted to Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Staff of DMVA with 7 divisions and 5,000 personnel.  He retired in 1999 from DMVA, but was later recalled and reappointed to the Dept. Deputy position in 2002.  He was responsible for development of the DMVA Long Range Strategic Plan, implementing Dept. reorganizations and managing Dept. Operations in the absence of the Adjutant General/Commissioner-DMVA, in addition to attending the Governor’s Cabinet meetings.  During this period, COL (Ret) Schnell was promoted by the Governor and TAG to the state rank of Brigadier General.  BG (AK) (Ret) Schnell retired from state service after his 47 year affiliation with DMVA in Jan. 2007.  He continues to serve on several Military Boards of Directors as President and SR. Director.