Springer, Robert B.




Years Of Service:

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
State Guard
Years of Service
  18 YRS
Guard Units
  Joined the Kansas Air National Guard 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron in as a Captain from the Air Force
Joined the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in 1967 where he was promoted to Major and Command Pilot for the 146th Tactical Fighter Squadron
Fighter Interceptor
Duties Performed
  Major – Air Defense Command participated in Red Flag Dog Fighting
Top Scorer with Kills
William Tell Award Winner 1974
Red Flag Instructor
Instruments ExpertCall sign Ramjet
Last scrambled out of PAANG to intercept presumed enemy aircraft in international air space during Nixon’s 2nd Inaugural Parade January 20, 1973 retired from the Guard in 1985.Favorite phrase “Stand By For A Fighter Pilot”Loves of his life, his wife Joanna, his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the United States Military. Pride, Diligence and Honor was the code of the 146th Fighter Squadron and the code by which he lived.Light up the sky Major.