Terry, Richard Bruce

Biographical Information
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
State Guard
Years of Service
Guard Units
118Tac Hospital, TNANG, General Surgeon
105 Tac SQ, Embedded Flight Surgeon
118 Tac Hosp , Chief of Flight Mefucine
118 Med Sq, Commander
TNANG HQ, State Air Surgeon
Air National Guard Assistant to USAF Air Combat Command Surgeon
Duties Performed
  Commission USAF reserve Jan 1971
USAF Kirtland AFB Hospital: Active duty General Surgeon, 1975-1977
Commission Tenn ANG May 1983
ANG General Surgeon, Board Certified
Squadron Flight Surgeon 105th Tac Sq
Chief Flight Surgeon, chief of flight medicine, 118 Tac Hosp
Commander 118 Med sq.
Tennessee State Surgeon
President of Alliance of Air National Guard State Air Surgeons
President of Alliance Air National Guard Flight Surgeons
Medical representative to ANG, Air Director’s Field Advisor Weapon System Council.