Webb, Charles

State: GA

Units: 2/214th FA, GAARNG (1968-1985) 1/214th FA, GAARNG (1985-1988 and 1995-1996) HQS-STARC, GAARNG (1988-1995)USAWC (1996-1997)122nd JRTOC, GAARNG (1997-2000)


Years Of Service:


          Retired Brigadier General Charles R. Webb was born on 8 August 1947 in Statesboro, Georgia. He entered the military on 17 August 1968 as a private in the Georgia Army National Guard. He completed basic combat training (BCT) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and advanced individual training (AIT) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was commissioned a second lieutenant from the Georgia Military Institute (GMI) State Officer Candidate School (OCS) on 28 August 1970. One of 18 graduates from an initial class of 120, he was an Honor Graduate and received the Leadership Award for GMI Class IX. As a commissioned officer, he held numerous positions. He served as a Forward Observer, Fire Direction Officer, and Executive Officer before becoming a Field Artillery Battery Commander (C-2/214) and later a Headquarters Commandant (HHB-2/214). At the battalion level, he served as S-1, S-2, S-3 and XO. He was a Training Officer, Readiness Officer, and Resource Planner for the DCS-OPS at HQ-STARC in Atlanta, and the Logistics Operations Officer (S-4) for TSSD at the NGTC at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

          In 1995 he was selected as Battalion Commander for the 1/214th Field Artillery in Elberton, Georgia. During his command, the 1/214th participated in NATO winter exercises in Norway, which at that time was the largest overseas deployment for the Georgia Army National Guard since World War II. The achievements and success of this mission brought extensive recognition to the 1/214th. He was recognized by King Harold V of Norway and the Norwegian Sixth Army for exemplary command leadership during the exercise.

          In 1996 General Webb was one of 20 National Guard senior officers chosen nationwide for the resident course at the United States Army War College (USAWC) at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. He was elected to the Class Council and was chosen by his peers as Seminar Leader. While attending the USAWC, he flew to Tbilisi and met with senior military and political leaders of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia to research and prepare a strategic analysis of the National Guard State Partnership Program. At graduation in June, he was one of five students in his class of 320 who received the War College Foundation’s Writing Award, recognizing excellence in research and writing.

          In 1997, General Webb assumed command of the 122nd Support Detachment, which is an Army National Guard (ARNG) Joint Rear Tactical Operations Center (JRTOC), located in Savannah, Georgia. It is assigned to the 377th Theater Support Command (TSC), whose Army Reserve (USAR) headquarters is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The TSC includes active, reserve and National Guard elements. The JRTOC coordinates force protection and joint rear battle operations with U.S Marine, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard commanders as well as coalition forces from friendly nations. During his tenure of command, the ROC upgraded its readiness and deployability to among the highest priority elements (FSP-1) in the ARNGUS, and the unit was transformed to a theater level Joint Rear Tactical Operations Center (JRTOC) for the Southwest Asia (SWA) area of responsibility (AOR). The JRTOC was a leader among ARNGUS elements at state and national levels in personnel strength, training, annual weapons qualification (AWQ), annual physical fitness test (APFT) scores, MOS qualification, and NCO and officer promotion rates.