Maryland 1812 Commemorative Exhibit


L to R Anne C. Armstrong, Kerry McIntyre, Glenn Johnston, Ryan Trainor

As you can see from the last blog entry, the National Guard Educational Foundation staff has been very lucky to form a friendship with the Maryland National Guard and the Maryland Military Historical Society. All credit goes to H Stephen Blum (LTG, ret.) and Kerry McIntyre (LTC, ret.) On our last trip to the 5th Regiment Armory in Baltimore, MD, we had a chance to tour the newly renovated Museum as well as to meet Joe Balkoski, the eminent historian of the 29th Infantry Division (MD, DC, VA). The archives are nothing short of miraculous and well worth a visit.
Last month, the Society was kind enough to send us their travelling exhibit which reflects the Museum renovation and tells the story of the War of 1812. Maryland’s overwhelming involvement in the victory over the English culminated in the Battle of Baltimore. Probably the most nationally recognized result of that battle is our beloved national anthem. To quote the Maryland website,

While most Americans know of the defense of Fort McHenry, the larger story of the combined efforts of many Marylanders is not as well understood. “When Freemen Shall Stand” explores the pivotal role of Maryland’s forces in the Chesapeake campaign and in the heroic defense of Baltimore that was a significant factor in the shape of the peace that followed.

The exhibit now holds a place of honor in the lobby of the National Guard Memorial at One Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington DC and will be here for the next six months.
Please visit but if you can’t, here is the link to their wonderful virtual tour!