Meeting with MD Military Historical Society

On Sunday, 1/11, NGEF staff had the opportunity to meet with members of the Maryland Military Historical Society at Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore, during their Board of Directors conference. Also attending the conference was Joe Balkoski, the eminent Guard historian of the 29th Infantry Division, as well as society President, Lieutenant General H Steven Blum (Ret.).

First built in 1901 and renovated in the 1930’s, the armory is listed on the National Register of Historic Places both for its place in history as the location of the 1912 Democratic National Convention, but also for its impressive architecture. Inside the armory is a museum and archives dedicated to the history of the Maryland Guard, from its Revolutionary War days through present day. The museum’s most recently renovated gallery tells the story of the MD Militia during the War of 1812, and the heroic defense of  Baltimore in September of 1814.

MG Samuel Smith

MG Samuel Smith, commander of the Maryland Militia

The War of 1812 gallery describes the battles of North Point and Ft. McHenry in stunning detail. An interactive map traces the deployments of MD militia units and the movements of their English adversaries, and the events leading up to and following the Battle of Baltimore. Recreations of uniforms worn during the War of 1812 era are prominently featured as well.