NGAUS Conference Transcripts from 1879 to Present


1st and 3d Conference Minutes 1789

1st and 3d Conference Minutes 1879-1881

Conference Minutes 2005

Conference Minutes 2005


The National Guard Association of the United States (“NGAUS”) will be holding its 137th General Conference September 10-13, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee (#NGAUS2015). The National Guard Educational Foundation (“NGEF”) Archives maintains a full transcript of every General Conference NGAUS holds! You can see the picture of the first and third Conference transcripts above this article – and you can read the full text here. Here at One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, we house the Museum, Library, and Archive. Most people know about the Museum. Plenty of people use the Library for studying their Professional Military Education (“PME”) or their graduate degrees. Even Corporate Members of NGAUS come by and use the Library for research. However, the Archives are a lesser known gem of the NGEF program. The Archives are maintained by the NGEF staff and are becoming more and more important in the daily lives of the folks in NGAUS who look after the best interests of Guardsmen throughout the world.

Not only do the Archives hold the transcripts of all the NGAUS Conferences since 1878, they also hold diaries, letters, original signatures, photographs, and historically significant dialogues between NGAUS and Capitol Hill – it holds the very history of NGAUS. On exhibit in the Museum, we have an original letter written by BG Felix L. Sparks (CO) about his experiences during the liberation of the concentration camp in Dachau, GE, in 1945. Still in the files, we have an original signature by 5-Star General Omar Bradley to the then Executive Director of NGAUS, MG Ellard A. Walsh (MN).
The Archives take up a whole floor of space above the Library and is also a gem in the NGEF portfolio. If you want to see what was said last year in the 136th NGAUS General Conference in Chicago, IL, look at the length of it! We’ll help you find what you need.