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Photo courtesy of Library of Congress

Photo courtesy Library of Congress


On Wednesday, December 7th, National Guard Museum Intern, Fall Semester, 2016, Heather Glady opened her exhibit on “1968 District of Columbia Army National Guard Riot Gear”.  Her goal is twofold — first to demonstrate the growing significance of the Total Force “concept”.  Total Force was yet to be realized as a policy until four years later in 1973.  Secondly, she wanted to tie our collection to an exhibit NGEF and the Museum staff helped coordinate with the DC National Guard at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.  For their exhibit, “You Say You Want a Revolution”, the DC Guard and NGEF have an entire 1968 uniform on loan through February, 2017.  Heather’s exhibit here may be considered a small sister show.

On display the visitor can admire clearly written narratives placed next to an M-1 Garand bayonet, a canteen, a combat M-1 helmet and liner, and an M9A1 gas mask.  This equipment had use that spanned several decades of conflict in good condition and utility.  The adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.

The artifacts will be on display during normal Museum hours through May, 2017.

Artifact of the Week





Most Wanted Poster- Iraq
“Most Wanted Poster” showing members of the former Iraqi leadership being sought by the Coalition Authority in 2003. The poster has the most sought man, Saddam Hussein, in the upper left hand corner and the “least sought” individual in the bottom right hand corner. At the top of the poster it says in Arabic “These people are sought for crimes which they committed against the Iraqi people. Do not hesitate or fear reporting to the Coalition Authority any information regarding these individuals even if you think that it is trivial or unimportant. You will be protected from these people who desire mischief. You will be protected. Each individual on the list has a picture and their name under the picture in Arabic. 55 people are depicted on this wanted poster. Some people have been captured and the captured persons have a red cross over their picture.





The Artifact of the Week program was initiated by NGEF in 2015.  The artifact and description can be seen here, on Twitter, on Facebook, and in the NGAUS Washington Report which is issued by email every Tuesday.  All artifacts are on loan or owned by NGEF and the National Guard Memorial Museum collection.