The 9/11 Era Gallery Memorial Wall

New York Army Guard Specialist Roshan Singh Lost his Life at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

By Kevin Brown

Over 800 National Guard members have made the ultimate sacrifice since September 11, 2001. Several Guard members died in the horrific 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon and World Trade Center. One of these members was Roshan Singh. Singh worked at the World Trade Center’s Windows on the World Restaurant and was a Specialist in the New York Army National Guard on this fateful day. Specialist Singh, a Citizen-Soldier, got to work early that morning like the thousands killed on September 11th.

Many more have perished since 9/11, supporting operations around the world over the past two decades. Their sacrifices inspired the National Guard Educational Foundation to honor these men and women. As a result, our National Guard Memorial Museum’s 9/11 Era Gallery contains a wall in their honor. The Memorial Wall is part of an exhibit highlighting the National Guard’s contributions to the worldwide fight against terrorism over the past two decades.

The Memorial Wall within the National Guard Memorial Museum’s 9/11 Era Gallery.

The NGEF also established two scholarships to honor the Guard personnel serving in the Global War on Terrorism. The Leonardo DRS Guardian Scholarship helps children of fallen Guardsmen by awarding college scholarships. The Foundation also created the Van Hipp Heroes Scholarship, supporting National Guard service members injured in overseas deployments.

Names of the Fallen on the Memorial Wall.

Please visit the Memorial Wall at the National Guard Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. or on our website. The museum shares the stories of the National Guard’s rich history and continuing contributions from the nation’s founding to the present day. Conveniently located a block from Union Station on Capitol Hill, the museum is open 9:00 AM-4:00 PM on weekdays, except for federal holidays.